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Wednesday, June 26 • 10:15am - 4:45pm
Automotive Technology Theater

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Find the right gear from industry leaders providing the latest sense technologies driving the automotive market forward. Free for all attendees on the Expo Floor!


Thermal Cameras for Safer Cars
Mike Walters / VP Product Management, Micro Cameras / FLIR Systems
>600,000 FLIR thermal sensors have been deployed in cars by Veoneer to extend the driver’s vision 4x farther than their headlights illuminate. This talk will illustrate how thermal cameras complement the other sensors in automotive applications and introduce the machine learning and simulation work that FLIR has done to jump start the widespread adoption of thermal cameras as standard equipment in automotive safety application such as automatic emergency breaking.

How to Quickly & Easily Build Your Own Reliable, Inexpensive, and Precise Guidance System for Autonomous Vehicles
Dan Dempsey / Senior Director of Automotive Business Development / ACEINNA
In order to develop highly accurate navigation, guidance and localization systems to guide autonomous vehicles, ROVs, drones, etc., integration and use of complex navigation technologies such as satellite navigation (GPS/GNSS) and inertial navigation (IMU/INS) are required. In this session, attendees will learn how to set up and install an easy-to-use open-source tool for developing precise navigation and control functions. The session will include a tutorial on an on-line navigation simulator, set up of free coding tools using the ACEINNA Visual Studio Code extension, algorithm development, debugging, and data-logging analysis. By the end of the presentation, attendees will be familiar with these free software tools and can start development of their own custom navigation solution using the latest precision OpenIMU hardware from ACEINNA.

Innovations in Current Sensing for Vehicle Electrification Applications
Georges El Bacha / Product Line Manager, Current Sensors & Signal Isolators / Allegro MicoSystems
It is estimated that by 2025 the market for electrified vehicles will expand to up to 45 million units. This growth expands the need for current sensing for traction and auxiliary motor control as well as DC/DC converters and chargers - and these current sensors must optimize battery consumption and maximize power. Join us to learn about the technological innovations in current sensing that are giving leading OEMs the competitive edge.

Startup Review: Focus on Sensors and Autonomous Vehicles
Presented by Autotech Council
A handpicked selection of startup companies reveal innovations that are set to shake up the automotive industry. These entrepreneurs will take to the stage to share their visions for the future of the vehicle and mobility.

Near-Field 3D Sensing Based on Ultrasound
Tobias Bahnemann / Managing Director & Co-Founder / Toposens
Using ultrasonic echolocation for real-time 3D object detection autonomous cars are able to cover difficult close distance edge-cases. This is made possible through the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor technology. The session will shed light on where ultrasound fits in the sensor stack and we will see sensor data examples and typical applications or this brand new technology.

Challenges of Automotive Grade LiDAR
Yunxiang Li /Global Vice President of Business Development / ZVISION Technologies
Automotive applications of LiDAR present special challenges, including rugged construction to assure product reliability that can withstand extreme heat, cold and vibrations; a form factor that can be practically integrated into the vehicle design, with acceptable weight and unobtrusive placement; and the right balance of functionality and cost to allow practical integration into a sensor system. This discussion will address the challenges of design, testing and manufacturing necessary to assure that the LiDAR sensor is reliable and appropriate for use on demanding automotive applications

Pressure Mapping: Driving Automotive Design Innovation, from Hood to Trunk
Robert Podoloff / CTO / Tekscan Inc.
In a fiercely competitive automotive industry, interface pressure insights are vital for improving performance, efficiency, and safety. Interface pressure can be used for quality control, identifying failure modes in product design, optimizing manufacturing processes, and benchmarking competitive product. Join our session to learn how pressure mapping technology can be used in various automotive applications.

How to be Safe in an Unsafe World
Stephen Olsen / Field Application Engineer / Blackberry
There are two ways to remain safe in this world, and they have to do with safety and security. How do you thrive in this ever increasing untrusted, unsecure and unsafe world? The IoT is built upon the inter-connected network where things are inherently “untrusted.” One must earn that trust in order to create safe transactions and that goes for embedded IoT devices too. Safety and Security can manifest in several ways, first we can through testing, establish that the device is well documented, and all requirements are established in the code, and there are no lines of code that are not tied to one of the requirements. Second, you can actually tolerate an unsafe environment. Afterall, once it leaves your ethernet controller, it is in the WWW, you know the Wildest Wilderness Wasteland, or the World Wide Web (both are accurate to describe where your data must travel). These clouds services need to understand how to communicate with edge devices, with both safety and security. In this session, we explore the ways in which an unsuspecting datagram can “experience difficulty” along the route to its cloud destination and whatever topology the return messages must traverse. Including how to handle addressing, corruption, delay, repetition, out of order sequence, loss, insertion, and masquerading. We will discuss Asymmetric dataflow where there are many receivers and Symmetric Security, where data is authenticated. Finally we will show how to create robust IoT communication channels where trusted data transfers on the WWW safely and securely.

avatar for Tobias Bahnemann

Tobias Bahnemann

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Topsens
avatar for Dan Dempsey

Dan Dempsey

Senior Director of Automotive Business Development, ACIENNA
avatar for Georges El Bacha

Georges El Bacha

Product Line Manager, Current Sensors & Signal Isolators, Allegro MicroSystems
avatar for Yunxiang Li

Yunxiang Li

Global Vice President of Business Development, ZVISION Technologies
Yunxiang Li was awarded Bachelor of Science and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University (Beijing). His doctoral thesis focused the design, fabrication and testing of micro/nano integrated optoelectronic. Prior to joining ZVISION, Mr. Li served as Ericsson’s... Read More →
avatar for Stephen Olsen

Stephen Olsen

Field Application Engineer, Blackberry
Stephen Olsen is a noted embedded industry expert with extensive experience in embedded software development, thought leadership, product management, and communications. He is currently a Field Application Engineer with BlackBerry QNX.  Prior to QNX, Stephen worked with several other... Read More →
avatar for Rob Podoloff

Rob Podoloff

CTO, Tekscan Inc.
Rob Podoloff has spent the last 30 years developing new products and technologies in areas ranging from healthcare to interactive gaming to consumer electronics.  Rob is a listed inventor on over 20 US Patents and is currently the CTO of Tekscan, Inc., the tactile sensor company... Read More →
avatar for Mike Walters

Mike Walters

VP Product Management, Micro Cameras, FLIR Systems
Mike Walters is Vice President of Product Management for Uncooled Thermal Cameras at FLIR. He has extensive experience defining, developing and bringing to market high volume longwave infrared and visible camera modules. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 10:15am - 4:45pm PDT
Expo Floor