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Wednesday, June 26


Automotive Technology Theater
Find the right gear from industry leaders providing the latest sense technologies driving the automotive market forward. Free for all attendees on the Expo Floor!


Thermal Cameras for Safer Cars
Mike Walters / VP Product Management, Micro Cameras / FLIR Systems
>600,000 FLIR thermal sensors have been deployed in cars by Veoneer to extend the driver’s vision 4x farther than their headlights illuminate. This talk will illustrate how thermal cameras complement the other sensors in automotive applications and introduce the machine learning and simulation work that FLIR has done to jump start the widespread adoption of thermal cameras as standard equipment in automotive safety application such as automatic emergency breaking.

How to Quickly & Easily Build Your Own Reliable, Inexpensive, and Precise Guidance System for Autonomous Vehicles
Dan Dempsey / Senior Director of Automotive Business Development / ACEINNA
In order to develop highly accurate navigation, guidance and localization systems to guide autonomous vehicles, ROVs, drones, etc., integration and use of complex navigation technologies such as satellite navigation (GPS/GNSS) and inertial navigation (IMU/INS) are required. In this session, attendees will learn how to set up and install an easy-to-use open-source tool for developing precise navigation and control functions. The session will include a tutorial on an on-line navigation simulator, set up of free coding tools using the ACEINNA Visual Studio Code extension, algorithm development, debugging, and data-logging analysis. By the end of the presentation, attendees will be familiar with these free software tools and can start development of their own custom navigation solution using the latest precision OpenIMU hardware from ACEINNA.

Innovations in Current Sensing for Vehicle Electrification Applications
Georges El Bacha / Product Line Manager, Current Sensors & Signal Isolators / Allegro MicoSystems
It is estimated that by 2025 the market for electrified vehicles will expand to up to 45 million units. This growth expands the need for current sensing for traction and auxiliary motor control as well as DC/DC converters and chargers - and these current sensors must optimize battery consumption and maximize power. Join us to learn about the technological innovations in current sensing that are giving leading OEMs the competitive edge.

Startup Review: Focus on Sensors and Autonomous Vehicles
Presented by Autotech Council
A handpicked selection of startup companies reveal innovations that are set to shake up the automotive industry. These entrepreneurs will take to the stage to share their visions for the future of the vehicle and mobility.

Near-Field 3D Sensing Based on Ultrasound
Tobias Bahnemann / Managing Director & Co-Founder / Toposens
Using ultrasonic echolocation for real-time 3D object detection autonomous cars are able to cover difficult close distance edge-cases. This is made possible through the Toposens 3D Ultrasound Sensor technology. The session will shed light on where ultrasound fits in the sensor stack and we will see sensor data examples and typical applications or this brand new technology.

Challenges of Automotive Grade LiDAR
Yunxiang Li /Global Vice President of Business Development / ZVISION Technologies
Automotive applications of LiDAR present special challenges, including rugged construction to assure product reliability that can withstand extreme heat, cold and vibrations; a form factor that can be practically integrated into the vehicle design, with acceptable weight and unobtrusive placement; and the right balance of functionality and cost to allow practical integration into a sensor system. This discussion will address the challenges of design, testing and manufacturing necessary to assure that the LiDAR sensor is reliable and appropriate for use on demanding automotive applications

Pressure Mapping: Driving Automotive Design Innovation, from Hood to Trunk
Robert Podoloff / CTO / Tekscan Inc.
In a fiercely competitive automotive industry, interface pressure insights are vital for improving performance, efficiency, and safety. Interface pressure can be used for quality control, identifying failure modes in product design, optimizing manufacturing processes, and benchmarking competitive product. Join our session to learn how pressure mapping technology can be used in various automotive applications.

How to be Safe in an Unsafe World
Stephen Olsen / Field Application Engineer / Blackberry
There are two ways to remain safe in this world, and they have to do with safety and security. How do you thrive in this ever increasing untrusted, unsecure and unsafe world? The IoT is built upon the inter-connected network where things are inherently “untrusted.” One must earn that trust in order to create safe transactions and that goes for embedded IoT devices too. Safety and Security can manifest in several ways, first we can through testing, establish that the device is well documented, and all requirements are established in the code, and there are no lines of code that are not tied to one of the requirements. Second, you can actually tolerate an unsafe environment. Afterall, once it leaves your ethernet controller, it is in the WWW, you know the Wildest Wilderness Wasteland, or the World Wide Web (both are accurate to describe where your data must travel). These clouds services need to understand how to communicate with edge devices, with both safety and security. In this session, we explore the ways in which an unsuspecting datagram can “experience difficulty” along the route to its cloud destination and whatever topology the return messages must traverse. Including how to handle addressing, corruption, delay, repetition, out of order sequence, loss, insertion, and masquerading. We will discuss Asymmetric dataflow where there are many receivers and Symmetric Security, where data is authenticated. Finally we will show how to create robust IoT communication channels where trusted data transfers on the WWW safely and securely.

avatar for Tobias Bahnemann

Tobias Bahnemann

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Topsens
avatar for Dan Dempsey

Dan Dempsey

Senior Director of Automotive Business Development, ACIENNA
avatar for Georges El Bacha

Georges El Bacha

Product Line Manager, Current Sensors & Signal Isolators, Allegro MicroSystems
avatar for Yunxiang Li

Yunxiang Li

Global Vice President of Business Development, ZVISION Technologies
Yunxiang Li was awarded Bachelor of Science and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University (Beijing). His doctoral thesis focused the design, fabrication and testing of micro/nano integrated optoelectronic. Prior to joining ZVISION, Mr. Li served as Ericsson’s... Read More →
avatar for Stephen Olsen

Stephen Olsen

Field Application Engineer, Blackberry
Stephen Olsen is a noted embedded industry expert with extensive experience in embedded software development, thought leadership, product management, and communications. He is currently a Field Application Engineer with BlackBerry QNX.  Prior to QNX, Stephen worked with several other... Read More →
avatar for Rob Podoloff

Rob Podoloff

CTO, Tekscan Inc.
Rob Podoloff has spent the last 30 years developing new products and technologies in areas ranging from healthcare to interactive gaming to consumer electronics.  Rob is a listed inventor on over 20 US Patents and is currently the CTO of Tekscan, Inc., the tactile sensor company... Read More →
avatar for Mike Walters

Mike Walters

VP Product Management, Micro Cameras, FLIR Systems
Mike Walters is Vice President of Product Management for Uncooled Thermal Cameras at FLIR. He has extensive experience defining, developing and bringing to market high volume longwave infrared and visible camera modules. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford... Read More →

Wednesday June 26, 2019 10:15am - 4:45pm
Expo Floor


Embedded Live Theater
Get to know leading vendors on the Expo Floor as they present on their latest embedded technologies. Free for all attendees on the Expo Floor!


IIC Panel: Trends in Automated Driving
Marcellus Buchheit / President & CEO / Wibu-Systems USA
Dan Isaacs / Director, Automotive Global Markets Group / Xilinx

Dr. Rajive Joshi / Principal Solution Architect / Real-time Innovations
This provides a framework of areas from Sensors to Compute to Control – including Connectivity, Security, Functional safety, … and discussion points from See (Perception and Analysis) - Think (Decide) - Act (Actuation).

Security in the Age of IoT
Jonathan Shipman / VP Strategy / Lantronix
The rapid transition from closed/private networks to enterprise-wide networks over the public Internet is uncovering security risks that went previously unnoticed—and justifiably raising alarms about the future of cybersecurity in the age of IoT. Moreover, as enterprises become increasingly reliant on intelligent, interconnected devices in every aspect of their business, OEMs must ask themselves if they are doing enough to protect vulnerable systems that could compromise sensitive data, personal privacy or threaten public safety.

Inference at the Edge
Michael Clay / Global Business Development / Intel
Danya Kafai / IoT Solutions Architect / Intel
OpenVINO allows developers to quickly optimize their deep learning algorithms and seamlessly deploy them on different Intel HW and vision accelerator cards at the Edge in compute confined environments.

DevKit Giveaway - Sponsored by Microchip

Bringing AI to the Very Edge
Martin Croome / VP Business Development / GreenWaves Technologies
There is currently much interest in interpreting rich data sources such as video streams, radar and sounds on high powered edge devices bringing benefits such as reduced latency, increased privacy and reduced data center congestion. But how can you bring these capabilities to devices that need to last for months or years on battery or harvested energy? What are the challenges? What is possible?

Designing Calm Technology in a World of Distraction
Steve Veltkamp / Design Practice Lead / Very Possible
Technology has created a world where humans have never felt more connected and productive, but now it seems like every app or connected device is competing for our attention. Notifications, texts, reminders, buzzes, dings, blips. Though we are used to this kind of feedback, often times it can lead to an overwhelming amount of distraction in our lives. This session will look into ways to relay important messages through user-centric design and calm technology through an IoT lens.

Taking the Lead in the Race for Voice-First Infotainment
Gennadiy Borisov / President and Co-CEO / Klika Tech
Johannes Biermann / General Manager / aicas

Automakers are in a race to deliver advanced infotainment options and intuitive in-vehicle interfaces for drivers and passengers. The winner will be the OEM that listens to consumer demand for seamless connections to their digital worlds - and provides the solutions that can translate them into realtime actions. Alexa Auto has emerged as that promising platform on which OEMs are developing custom voice interfaces for connected cars. This presentation will explore what Alexa Auto can provide for OEM delivery of the safe and reliable in-vehicle connections that will keep them ahead of the competition.

Teardown Special: Inside the Uvify-Oori Racing Drone 
Patrick Mannion / Founder / Claritek LLC
Drones are where the rubber hits the road in terms of system design with high-performance sensors. Recognizing this, ETC 2019 will showcase the best of the best with a Teardown Special: Inside the UVify-OOri, one of the smallest, fastest, and most advanced drones available today for <$500. Faced with extreme weight, size, ruggedness and power consumption constraints, drone designers are pushed to the limits in terms of what they can and cannot do. It’s all about tradeoffs, especially for designers of mid-range systems. These require designers to be more conservative, and thoughtful, and this Teardown of the UVify OOri will dig into what the designers did, and why and how they did it. Teardown attendees will be put into a drawing for one of three STMicroelectronics STEVAL-DRONE01 mini drone kits.

MCUs Living on the Edge – Larger Memory with Lower Power and Lower Cost
Bard Pedersen / Director of Technology / Adesto Technologies
Designers of emerging intelligent IoT edge devices, which run advanced applications and/or AI functionality, may need to consider novel approaches to meet the performance and power requirements of these edge devices. Innovative MCU vendors are investigating new memory architectures optimized for eXecute-in-Place (XiP) and AI operations. We’ll share results of our extensive benchmarking of power/performance of various memory architectures on AI enhanced MCUs to provide system designers with insight into choosing the right memory architecture for their application.

DevKit Giveaway - Sponsored by Microsoft
Microsoft Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly-secured, connected, MCU-powered devices. Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software and silicon—resulting in a unique approach to security that starts in the silicon and extends to the cloud. Must be present to win!


Dan Isaacs

Director, Automotive Global Markets Group, Xilinx
avatar for Michael Clay

Michael Clay

Global Business Development, Intel
Michael Clay is the Global Business Development Lead for Sensor and Connectivity 3rd Party Partnerships. He works with internal and external stakeholders to insure that the Intel Solution Alliance is a rich ecosystem across all vertical markets globally. He has worked in the industry... Read More →
avatar for Martin Croome

Martin Croome

VP Business Development, GreenWaves Technologies
avatar for Gennadiy Borisov

Gennadiy Borisov

President and Co-CEO, Klika Tech
With more than 25 years of global experience in Management, Operations, Sales, and Product Development Gennadiy leads Klika Tech’s mission and strategy to provide the IoT-driven solutions to companies around the world. He has been working with Fortune 500 clients and start-up companies... Read More →
avatar for Johannes Biermann

Johannes Biermann

General Manager, aicas
Johannes M. Biermann is the General Manager for aicas and leads marketing, sales, customer and sales operations globally.Prior to his role at aicas he worked for more than 25 years in leadership roles in both Hewlett Packard in California, USA and Böblingen, Germany, and Siemens... Read More →
avatar for Steve Veltkamp

Steve Veltkamp

Design Practice Lead, Very
As a Senior Designer & Design Practice Lead at Very, Steve Veltkamp employs his skills as a designer to solve tough challenges. Steve believes that design has the potential to be both beautiful and useful and strives to strike a balance between the two on each of his projects.Steve’s... Read More →
avatar for Danya Kafai

Danya Kafai

IoT Solutions Architect, Intel
avatar for Marcellus Buchheit

Marcellus Buchheit

President & CEO, Wibu-Systems USA
Marcellus Buchheit is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG in Karlsruhe, Germany. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Wibu-Systems USA Inc., located in Edmonds, WA where he resides.Marcellus earned his Master of Science degree in computing science at... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Rajive Joshi

Dr. Rajive Joshi

Principal Solution Architect, Real-Time Innovations
Dr. Rajive Joshi, the co-chair of the Connectivity Task Group at the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), is a Principal Solution Architect at Real-Time Innovations (RTI). He is the lead author of the IIC’s Connectivity Framework (IICF), a co-author of the IIC’s Industrial Internet... Read More →
avatar for Jonathan Shipman

Jonathan Shipman

Vice President, Strategy, Lantronix
avatar for Bard Pedersen

Bard Pedersen

Director of Technology, Adesto Technologies

Wednesday June 26, 2019 10:15am - 4:45pm
Expo Floor
Thursday, June 27


Automotive Technology Theater
Find the right gear from industry leaders providing the latest sense technologies driving the automotive market forward. Free for all attendees on the Expo Floor!


Evolution of Automotive LiDAR: From Mechanical to Solid State
Slawomir Piatek / Sr. University Lecturer & Scientific Consultant / NJIT & Hamamatsu
A self-driving car will likely need a LiDAR to provide 3D information at a video rate. Designing a functional LiDAR that meets automotive industry requirements is challenging. The presentation first reviews several types of LiDAR, each based either on time-of-flight or frequency modulation principle. It then focuses on a flash (or solid state) LiDAR, discussing its physics principles, photon budget, and imaging detectors. A particular attention will be paid to single-photon detection with a SPAD array.

What is Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR?
Nick Langdale-Smith / VP Business Development / Baraja
A brief primer on Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR. How the AV industry is driving innovation in LiDAR scanning technologies to break through the performance, reliability & scalability constraints of legacy LiDAR systems.

Innovusion Inc. More information coming soon!

Autonomous Driving Requires New, Low Noise Inertial Sensors
Ville Nurmiainen / Business Development Manager / Murata Electronics
During the presentation we will discuss different inertial sensor parameters and how those will impact to the navigation capability. We will show that the sensors meeting the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) standard performance specification are not sufficient for safe operation of L2+ vehicles. We will also compare the state of art ESC sensors found on road today to next generation automotive inertial sensors targeted for AD/ADAS applications.

avatar for Nick Langdale-Smith

Nick Langdale-Smith

VP of Business Development, Baraja
avatar for Ville Nurmiainen

Ville Nurmiainen

Business Development Manager, Murata Electronics
avatar for Slawomir Piatek

Slawomir Piatek

Sr. University Lecturer/Scientific Consultant, NJIT/Hamamatsu

Thursday June 27, 2019 10:15am - 3:25pm
Expo Floor


Embedded Live Theater
Get to know leading vendors on the Expo Floor as they present on their latest embedded technologies. Free for all attendees on the Expo Floor!


Opensource and Expired Patents - Crowdsourcing Creative Sensor Solutions
Monica Houston / Director of Events / Hackster
It can be difficult to find detailed information on the sensors that you want to use in your next project. Datasheets can be misleading, and combing through them can be mind numbing. Thankfully, the opensource community has probably already created a project using the sensor that you need! With millions of members and tens of thousands of opensource projects, sites like Hackster are a wealth of information. People have taken the time to try out, test, and document the parts that they’ve used. It’s likely that you can find information on the sensor you need, and hopefully you’ll contribute to this wealth of information as well.

Design Options for Embedding Connectivity into SOC
Richard Edgar / Senior Director of Product Management / Imagination Technologies
Embedding wireless connectivity into an SoC is seen as a major challenge by many engineers. Mixed signal SoCs are seen as a challenge with increased costs and increased development times. In this session we will discuss the various options available to you for integrating wireless connectivity into your embedded solution, particularly focusing on the challenges in integrating analogue circuits into your design to reduce the development timescales and costs.

Software Crash Management for Embedded Devices
Abel Mathew / CEO & Co-Founder / Backtrace
If you aren't thinking about software crashes, you should. They represent a point of failure for device operation and ruin end-user experience. In this talk, we'll first learn how various software organizations ensure that their devices are resilient to software crashes. We will then do a deep dive into how they capture, analyze, and leverage crash data to improve software quality and accelerate product development before and after release.

DevKit Giveaway - Sponsored by OpenSystems Media and Embedded Computing Design

Eliminating Programming from IoT Projects
Oguz "Oz" Murtezaoglu / CEO / BiPOM Electronics, Inc.
Embedded and IoT projects typically have long development times that involve hardware selection or design, software development, testing and pilot deployment. This process is costly, delays time to market, results in lost opportunities and slows technological progress. What if there was a platform that eliminated hardware design/prototyping, software development and testing and allowed immediate deployment of products?

Moving Toward Industrial IoT Plug & Play: Standards Advancement for IoT Sensors
Doug Sandy / CTO / PICMG
PICMG seeks to accelerate the adoption of industrial internet of things (IIoT) by providing meaningful open specifications to enable plug & play management of sensor and actuator devices. This presentation outlines current developments and industry collaborations toward the completion of these standards, which are expected to be available by early next year.

Too Much Data, Not Enough Information: Adding Cost Effective AI to Intelligent Edge Devices
Dave Steer / Director Business Development / Imagination Technologies
The IoT phenomena has resulted in a world where billions of devices generate exabytes of data per day. Doing something with that data to create distilled, actionable information has classically been the domain of cloud processing; however bandwidth, latency and increasing user expectations now forces the devices to become smarter, pushing intelligence into the endpoint. We explore the issues and solutions for incorporating AI into resource-constrained devices in a cost effective and manageable way.

DevKit Giveaway - Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference

avatar for Richard Edgar

Richard Edgar

Senior Director of Product Management, Imagination Technologies
avatar for Abel Mathew

Abel Mathew

CEO &Co-Founder, Backtrace
avatar for Oguz

Oguz "Oz" Murtezaoglu

CEO, BiPOM Electronics, Inc.
avatar for Doug Sandy

Doug Sandy

VP of Technology, PICMG
Doug Sandy is the Vice President of Technology for PICMG with over 24 years of industry experience in the embedded computing, industrial automation, telecommunications and cloud computing spaces. Doug has worked as Technical Fellow, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect for... Read More →
avatar for Dave Steer

Dave Steer

Director Business Development, Imagination Technologies

Thursday June 27, 2019 10:15am - 3:25pm
Expo Floor