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Pre-Conference Workshop [clear filter]
Tuesday, June 25


Workshop 1: RTOS 101
An RTOS is software that manages the time of the CPU as well as other devices tied closely to the CPU such as a floating-point unit (FPU) and a Memory Protection Unit (MPU). An MPU limits access to memory and peripherals. This Pre-Conference Symposium introduces attendees to the world of RTOS by explaining what an RTOS is, how it works, how to use an RTOS and its services, the benefits and drawbacks of using an RTOS, process separation using an MPU, debugging an RTOS-based application , providing recommendations when using an RTOS, and more.

avatar for Jean Labrosse

Jean Labrosse

Software Architect, Silicon Labs
Jean Labrosse is a software architect at Silicon Labs. Labrosse, an RTOS expert who founded Micrium in 1999, is a regular speaker and panelist at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Minneapolis, Silicon Valley, Embedded World and other industry conferences. He is the author... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 9:00am - 12:00pm
Room 230A


Workshop 2: Adopt the Right LPWAN For Your Application
Low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) are becoming more commonplace as we are finding the need to connect everything. Your options for LPWANs are a few, and they are quite different. This Pre-Conference Symposium will have representatives from LoRa, NB-IoT, and Sigfox explain how and when each technology should be deployed. It will start with a brief market overview, then get into the details of the three technologies. It will wrap up with a panel session where the community can ask questions of each of the representatives.

avatar for Mark Martinets

Mark Martinets

Sr. Sales Engineer, Sigfox USA
Mark Martinets is a Sales Engineer with Sigfox USA and is responsible for supporting the Business Development team and providing technical support to Sigfox customers and ecosystem partners. Throughout his career, Mark has held both technical and business oriented positions including... Read More →
avatar for Daniel Quant

Daniel Quant

VP of Strategic Development, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
Daniel Quant is Vice President of  Strategic Development at MultiTech and is responsible for identifying new business opportunities, while working closely with other functions to expand these opportunities into defined vertical and geographical markets. He represents MultiTech in... Read More →
avatar for Hardy Schmidbauer

Hardy Schmidbauer

Senior Director, Semtech
Hardy Schmidbauer is senior director of marketing at Semtech.  Hardy was CEO and co-founder of TrackNet, which was acquired by Semtech in 2018.  Tracknet developed end-to-end solutions for LPWAN and LoRaWAN including the core network software components. Prior to founding TrackNet... Read More →
avatar for René Schmitz

René Schmitz

VP of IoT Technology, Vodafone
René Schmitz is an industry veteran with diverse experience, having spent the past 17 years at Vodafone, and the last 18 months as VP of IoT Technology leading the IoT Americas technology team. In this role, he manages Vodafone’s strategic technology relationships in Silicon Valley... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 9:00am - 12:00pm
Room 230B


Workshop 3: Digital & Analog Power Solutions for Embedded Systems
Every product and design in the world of electronics requires power, but this need can often be taken for granted.  Power solutions are commonly abstracted from the more intricate aspects of system- and board-level design, even seen as more an inconvenient means to an end.  In fact, the power subsystem can provide tons of opportunity for everything from reducing system size/cost/weight to improving efficiency and enabling functionality.  In order to take advantage of all these fantastic possibilities, we must first have a good understanding of our system power needs and the various solutions available to help us meet those needs.

This Pre-Conference Symposium covers several aspects of power design, optimal design philosophies, a review of solutions, and plenty of practical advice for how to implement the proper solutions for embedded systems. Furthermore, solutions will be defined and broken down into digital and analog power implementations to help one understand the difference between these high-level categories and even further compared and contrasted against common, industry terminology and implementations.

avatar for Brian Zahnstecher

Brian Zahnstecher

Principal, PowerRox
Brian Zahnstecher is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Chair of the IEEE SFBAC Power Electronics Society (PELS) awarded 2017 Best Chapter awards at the local/national/worldwide levels concurrently (an unprecedented achievement), sits on the Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Board... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 9:00am - 12:00pm
Room 230C


Workshop 4: How to Write, Compile & Debug the Most Efficient (and Most Secure) C/C++ Code
85% of today’s embedded designs use C and C++. Hence, writing efficient and secure code is an absolute must to a developer. Inefficient code slows the how process, and can’t simply be improved by a compiler.

This three-hour course walks through all aspects of C and C++ development, from writing efficient code, to looking at the tools and techniques that can be used to augment any software design paradigm. Attendees look at the hows and whys of programming with today's modern compilers and how to get good performance out of them.  We dive into safety and security, as these languages are notorious for their inherent lack of such features. Finally, we look at the top techniques used in the debugging process, the area in which developers spend 80% of their time. We look at the problems and the solutions needed when using a modern debugger and readily available tools.

avatar for Greg Davis

Greg Davis

Director of Engineering, Compilers, Green Hills Software
Greg Davis is Director of Engineering, Compilers, at Green Hills Software. He has worked extensively on optimizations, language issues, code generation, and extensions for embedded development. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical E... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 230A


Workshop 5: Security Bootcamp
You’ve heard the horror stories of connected devices hacked, data stolen, and company reputations in tatters. You know you need security to be built in to your device. But now what? Security is complex and critical and generally not a core competency for most engineers, yet they’re tasked with building security into their products.

Security must be considered early in the definition and engineering cycles of devices, software, and services. This Pre-Conference Symposium describes the process of developing a secure IoT product. Specifically, it covers:

  • Introduction
  • Codes of Practice
    • Root of Trust
    • Immutable Boot
  • Device Architectures
    • Secure Elements
    • Secure MCUs
  •  PKI
    • Cryptographic key
    • Certificates
  • Development Tools
  • Manufacturing
    • Provisioning
    • Mastering
    • Remote Update
    • Policies
  • OEM Manufacturing tools (OMS)
  • Secure production programmer
  • Understanding the Government’s Role in IoT Security

avatar for Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

Field Applications Engineer, Secure Thingz Ltd.
Chris Jones is a Field Applications Engineer at Secure Thingz Ltd based at their headquarters in Cambridge, UK. He has 12 years’ experience in the design and development of advanced avionic systems followed by 20 years’ experience working for US (Cypress Semiconductors) and Japanese... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 230B


Workshop 6: Understand and Develop with Python
Python is taking the embedded industry by storm. Is this something you need to know about? In a word—yes! Python enables rapid prototyping and development on today’s more-than-capable embedded hardware. This half-day workshop introduces you to the Python programming language and its use in an embedded context. Follow the on-stage examples from your own laptop. No Python experience is assumed.

avatar for Ryan Kuester

Ryan Kuester

Consultant, Insymbols
Ryan Kuester is a consulting embedded systems engineer, specializing in embedded Linux systems-level and kernel software. He's been applying Python inside and alongside embedded hardware for the past 15 years. In addition to his technical contributions, he mentors teams and gives... Read More →

Tuesday June 25, 2019 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 230C